Wireless power evokes Feng Shui

The Wireless Power Consortium has launched the latest revision its technical specification and a prototype that will be used in interoperability tests to be held mid-September.

The consortium also announced that it has chosen a name and logo based on the Pinyin transliteration of the Chinese character ‘qi’ – the ‘energy flow’ of Feng Shui beliefs – that it wants manufacturers to place on equipment that supports the specification.

“In just seven months the Wireless Power Consortium has advanced the standard to 0.95 for interoperability testing and moved to trademark ‘qi’ as the first universal wireless power standard. These significant milestones have been achieved through strong collaboration among the consortium members and pave the way for an accelerated 1.0 release schedule of the standard,” calimed Camille Tang, co-chair of the Wireless Power Consortium’s promotion work group.

Ninety per cent of consumers surveyed by the consortium said that they would like to see a uniform symbol placed on electronic devices to indicate that the devices are equipped with wireless power charging. Under the consortium's plans, all electronic devices bearing the ‘qi’ symbol can be charged on any charging pad or surface marked with the same logo. A majority of survey respondents said they would upgrade to wirelessly powered electronic devices.

The consortium aims to establish the global wireless power charging standard for low power devices that are 5W and below, such as mobile phones and personal music players.

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