Nikon launches projector camera

The days of sitting through slide shows of other people's holiday pictures could be back, with the launch of what is billed as the world's first camera with built-in projector.

Nikon predicts its new Coolpix S1000pj compact digital camera will shake up the way people share their photos and videos.

Additional equipment, or connecting to a television or computer, will be unnecessary - as will crowding around the small LCD screen of a normal digital camera to view the snaps.

The pictures can be projected on to any flat surface at the touch of a button, Nikon said.

The camera will be in the shops from September 17 and will cost £399.99.

It features a film recording mode with sound, so users will also be able to screen their home videos for an audience as well.

It also comes with a remote control and projection stand.

Nikon declined to comment on how long the project had been in development.

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