Female techies 'dream of being own boss'

Results from a survey of almost 400 women in IT show that the majority of female technologists dream of being the boss.

When womenintechnology.co.uk asked attendees of its recent career development event W-Tech ‘What is your dream job?’, over 14 per cent gave answers such as ‘entrepreneur’, ‘running my own business’, or ‘CIO’.

Project management was also a popular choice with 12 per cent of the women choosing this as their preferred vocation; 8 per cent opted for consultancy, and 7 per cent said they would like to help people, with answers including “taking IT to schools in Africa”, and “coaching and mentoring”.

Some 6 per cent mentioned that their dream job would involve ‘a better work/life balance’, with less travelling time and more flexible hours, and over 10 per cent of the women said that they were ‘already doing their dream job’.

Some interesting job choices included ‘education minister’, ‘professional blogger’, and ‘animator at Pixar’, while some left the realm of IT completely, and cited ‘cruise liner DJ’, ‘bakery owner’, and ‘comedienne’.

“The answers that these women gave ranged from consultant to software tester, and from researcher to executive coach,” says Maggie Berry, director of womenintechnology.co.uk. “It goes to show just how many different career paths IT can offer. The results also highlighted how ambitious women in IT are. Hopefully the information and advice on career development that W-Tech provided will help these women get a step closer to grabbing their dream job within IT.”

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