Six months 'too long to be out of the IT job market'

Forty-nine per cent of respondents to a survey by recruitment association The IT Job Board state that they had been out of work for between three to nine months, as a result of redundancy, and, 63 per cent of those polled say that they believed six months or more is too long to be out of the job market.

IT professionals also believe that more senior positions are under threat within the sector, according to the poll of 132 individuals. Thirty-nine per cent of respondents to the IT Job Board’s ‘Redundancy Survey’ indicated that IT managers were ‘most likely’ to be made redundant, and a further 39 per cent also stated the same would be the case for project managers. 

“This could be due to IT departments putting large projects on hold during the recession,” says The IT Job Board’s head of international marketing, Teresa Sperti. “On a more positive note, these roles are more likely to be hired first when the market picks up.”

Sperti adds: “Across the board, companies are either going into administration, or laying off staff. Those IT professionals who have been made redundant need to remain positive, get networking, and look at ways of keeping their skills-base up-to-date.” 

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