Pub. sect. IT bosses juggle cost cuts and innovation

IT managers in the public sector are under twice as much pressure to reduce operational costs as their private sector counterparts. Research by consultancy Centralis says that 50 per cent of IT departments have been tasked by senior management with making a contribution to curbing operating costs, compared with less than 25 per cent in the private sector.

The research was conducted at three seminar events held earlier this month (July 2009), and the figures below are based on responses from 48 senior IT decision makers within the public sector, and 51 respondents in the private sector.

The findings reveal that increasing workforce flexibility and enhancing remote working capabilities are viewed as the ‘most effective ways’ of making savings across an organisation. More than half – 56 per cent – of public sector IT departments stated that they will focus on such initiatives for the remainder of this year (2009).

The five agenda-topping IT initiatives within the public sector were:

  1. Increasing workforce flexibility and remote working capabilities – 56 per cent.
  2. Refreshing desktop or laptop estates – 28 per cent.
  3. Upgrading operating systems – 21 per cent.
  4. Improving data centre performance – 18 per cent.
  5. Reviewing business continuity and disaster recovery systems – 18 per cent.

The Centralis research also suggests that while more than half of all IT projects within the public sector are being driven from the top down, 33 per cent of IT departments polled are, in fact, now driving innovation within the public sector from the bottom up.

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