IT pros in Emerging Asia 'most optimistic' about growth

IT professionals in the Emerging Asian countries of China, India, and Vietnam, are the most optimistic about IT budgets this year, with 19 per cent of respondents expecting to increase spending in 2009, followed by Latin American IT professionals at 12 per cent, according to research by market-watcher Forrester.

The survey of more than 1,400 IT executives and technology decision-makers based in Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa, is Forrester's inaugural study of businesses' technology adoption plans and priorities across all of these regions. IT budget plans differ significantly across industries in Emerging Asia, with the largest increases being in the public sector (34 per cent) and utilities and telecoms (24 per cent); the smallest increase in the manufacturing sector (9 per cent).

Other key highlights of the survey include:

  • Asia Pacific and MEA/Russia are the current bright spots for SaaS. Of the firms surveyed, 18 per cent in Asia Pacific and 14 per cent in the Middle East/Africa/Russia have implemented, or are implementing, software-as-a-service (SaaS) projects. Interest in considering or piloting SaaS projects is highest in the Emerging Asia region.
  • Cloud computing activity is low globally. While Latin America has the highest percentage of firms (14 per cent) that have already implemented cloud computing or pay-per-use hosting of virtual servers, 40 per cent of firms in the region are not interested, and an additional 23 per cent of firms are not familiar with the technology, or ‘do not know if they are interested’. Other regions reported similar results; Asia Pacific took the top spot, with 52 per cent of firms not interested.
  • Latin America is ‘a hotbed’ of activity around unified communications. Overall, 88 per cent of Latin American firms responded that they have an existing implementation or interest in unified communications.
  • Product localisation preferences are mixed. The strongest preferences for IT products in local languages are in Latin America (52 per cent) and Emerging Asia (39 per cent). Respondents were split in Emerging Asia, with a high percentage (41 per centage) also reporting a strong preference for products in English.

‘The State Of Global Business Technology Adoption: 2009’ report is available to Forrester RoleView clients, and can be purchased directly at

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