UK government invests in green technology

The UK government is to invest £10 million in 18 green and sustainable technology projects. The money has been allocated by the Technology Strategy Board, a semi-independent organisation sponsored by the government to promote research and technical innovation in the UK.

Among the projects to receive funding are one which aims to develop technology to recover and recycle nickel from surface finishing and end-of-life batteries, another which wants to extract natural compounds from British seaweed varieties and use them to develop skin and hair care products, and a third that seeks to develop a sustainable ceramic composite surface material for automotive and railway brake discs.

"The development of sustainable products and materials is vital if we are to respond successfully to the many environmental and energy challenges that we face, and investing in the development of green technology is one of the Technology Strategy Board's top priorities," declared Alan Hooper, the board's lead technologist.

"Green technology also makes business sense," he said. "With increases in both demand and prices for energy and resources, businesses that use resources more efficiently will benefit from cost savings and opportunities for growth as customers increasingly demand products that both save them money and are more friendly to the environment."

Work on the 18 projects will take place in the UK over the next three years, and the government funding will be matched by funding from the commercial organisations involved in the projects for a total investment of £20 million.

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