Shell denies 'dirtiest' producer claim

Oil giant Shell has defended its record on C02 emissions after an environmental group branded it the "dirtiest" producer.

Joint research by Friends of the Earth, Oil Change International and Platform claimed that Shell was neglecting its green pledges.

But the company rejected the accusation and said emissions were being cut.

"Shell's focus on managing CO2 emissions remains strong," said a spokesman. "We continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the facilities we control or operate. These emissions have fallen by more than 30 per cent since 1990."

He added: "Shell welcomes ongoing dialogue and will continue to work with governments, industry and non-governmental organisations to build support for effective policies for CO2 that will speed up the pace of change in the energy system."

But the campaigners' report claimed the company's approach was in "stark contradiction with the need to reduce CO2 emissions".

Paul de Clerck from Friends of the Earth International said: "Shell attempts to paint itself as a sustainable company when in reality it is the dirtiest oil producer of all. It continues to make huge profits but still argues that it cannot afford to pay for effective CO2 reduction measures. The EU should no longer listen to Shell in talks about tackling climate change."

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