LG beefs up TV processing with ARM technology

LG Electronics has licensed ARM technology to power its digital TV development.

The ARM11 MPCore multicore processor will provide processing in the consumer tech company’s next generation of digital televisions and will also allow it to target a range of platforms with the same architecture simply by implementing single or multiple SMP core.

The digital TVs will also feature ARM Mali MP GPUs to provide rich Web experiences and better transcoding of high-definition signals. Additionally, manufacturers are striving to build intelligent AV processing and develop home devices that are more energy efficient.

“The connected home relies on technology that is fully functional and that guarantees a high-quality, energy efficient multimedia experience. With Web 2.0 requirements moving into a connected and high-definition home,” said Seung-Jong Choi, research fellow of Digital TV Lab, LG Electronics.

“The combination of ARM CPU and Mali graphics processors clearly represents a compelling package for DTV and connected home technology manufacturers, who will be able to provide their customers with integrated, high-quality, Internet connected, multimedia-ready devices that are proven to be energy efficient,” said Mike Inglis, EVP and general manager, Processor Division at ARM.

In January, Toshiba demonstrated TVs with its patented Cell Processor which the company plans to use in a similar fashion.

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