IT jobs open � but candidates cautious about moving

Most IT professionals are still finding employment without difficulty, despite the downturn, according to a survey commissioned by First Point.

However, with redundancy a concern for many, additional survey figures show that 40 per cent of candidates were ‘very likely’ to stay in their current roles for a longer period of time due to caution borne of the recession. The survey also shows that in addition, another 39 per cent could be ‘swayed to move’, but stated that their decision would be very ‘strongly influenced by the role offered’.

Candidates with software development (Agile, Scrum, .Net 3.5, Silverlight, and Microsoft SharePoint), and software testing experience, continue to find placements, as do those with strong business analysis and project management skills, the survey suggests. 

“Information technology remains a key business need across all industries,” says First Point managing director Tom Fahey. “The fact that both permanent and temporary workers continue to find work in a short period of time demonstrates the value placed upon skilled IT personnel.”

Many of those in stable employment could be tempted to make a move, but “only if the opportunity is right”, adds Fahey: “There is a much more considered approach to changing jobs – including likely longevity, security and career opportunity”.
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