Industry body urges employers to keep hiring

The Chartered Management Institute is urging employers to ignore the ‘redundancy stigma’ and continue to hire individuals to avoid wasting potential talent.

CMI chief executive Ruth Spellman said: “The ILM’s report indicates that the stigma around redundancy is deterring employers from hiring in the usual way. Untapped talent is wasted talent. It is of great concern that organisations are passing up the opportunity to recruit from an extensive pool of talented individuals, on the basis that they have fallen foul of the current economic crisis.

“To drive British business forward, organisations need to attract, and then be able to keep, the right people for the job. Our research shows that identifying high potential individuals and then ensuring processes are in place for developing their skills, is an excellent motivating factor and beneficial both in terms of recruitment and productivity. Effective talent management will be crucial if we are to avoid a potential skills gap and ensure future competitive success.”

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