Female technologists: bosses 'most vital to career progress'

Bosses are the most important person, bar themselves, to career progression, female technologists have told a survey by networking site womenintechnology.co.uk.

Sixty-nine per cent of the women questioned said that their boss was ‘very important’ to their success, with another 26 per cent agreeing that their boss was ‘quite important’. Their network, colleagues, and management also scored relatively high, but only 11 per cent believed that human resources ‘played an important role’. Not surprisingly, 93 per cent said that they themselves were ‘very important to their own career progression’.

“It’s issues like this that have led us to hold W-Tech, a free event for all women in technology [Wednesday 24th June at IET HQ Savoy Place, London],” says womenintechnology.co.uk director Maggie Berry. “W-Tech will consist of a range of career development workshops on topics such as how to work in an all-male team, and developing political savvy.”

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