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Special events

11 July Malta Group Prestige Annual Dinner. Dinner. St.Julians, Malta.

16 July Power Academy Seminar. Workshop. Birmingham.

10-13 September IET History of Technology TPN Annual Weekend Meeting. Mulhouse, France. [new window].


2 July AGM Annual Dinner followed by a talk on Digital Switchover. Lecture. Cheltenham.

12-17 July Satellite Communications Residential Course (SATCOMS). Guildford.

Control and automation

10-13 July International Conference on Computing, Communications and Control Technologies. Orlando, Florida.


11 June Engineering in Music. Lecture. Darwen.

18 June Electronics in Generation. Lecture. Malta.

16-18 June National Electronics Week. Exhibition. London. [new window].

29 June-1 July Component Obsolescence Group International Conference. Cambridge. [new window].

26-31 July Design Automation Conference. San Francisco. [new window].

30 August-4 September International Conference on Systems Biology. Stanford, California. [new window].

30 September-1 October Electronics Technology 09. Conference and exhibition. Coventry. [new window].


18 June Visit to IBM. Winchester.

6-7 July IA09 (information assurance) conference. London. [new window].

16 July Business Alignment 2009. Seminar. London. [new window].


9 June BP Acetyls Site Visit. Saltend.

9 June Lean Thinking in the Non-Original Equipment Manufacturer Production Field. Lecture. Derby.

18 June Caphouse Colliery Museum Visit. Wakefield.

24 June Producing Copper for the World: More than Just Mining. Lecture. Redhill.

8-9 July Rapid Manufacturing. International Conference. Loughborough University. [new window].

14 July Stress Corrosion Cracking. Lecture. Adelaide.

8-10 September International Conference on Manufacturing Research. Warwick University. [new window].

Personal development

23-25 June 17th Edition Electrical Regulations. Course. Manchester.

29 June Testing of Electrical Installations. Course. London.

30 June 17th Edition Workshop upgrade. Course. Bristol.

30 June-2 July Inspection & Testing (City & Guilds 2391-10). Course. London.

1 July GOLA C & G 2382-10. Examination. Manchester.

6 July 17th Edition Workshop Upgrade. Course. Manchester.

7 July GOLA C & G 2382-20. Examination. Bristol.

7-8 July Electrical Basics. Course. London.

7-9 July 17th Edition Electrical Regulations. Course. London.

9 July Portable Appliance Testing. Course. London.

15 July GOLA C & G 2382-20. Examination. Manchester.

15 July GOLA C & G 2382-10. Examination. London.


8 June CIRED International Conference & Exhibition on Electricity Distribution. Prague.

9 June Great Climate Changing Debate. Reading.

10 June Solar Power with Thermo Chemical Storage. Lecture. Adelaide.

15 June The Electrical Circuit Route to Meeting the 2050 Emissions Targets. Lecture. Auckland.

15 June The Electrical Circuit Route to Meeting the 2050 Emissions Targets. Lecture. Wellington.

16 June Wind Turbine Technology. Lecture. Adelaide.

16 June Visit to Ironbridge Coal Power Station. Telford.

17 June Nuclear Fusion – The Energy for the Future? Lecture. Brighton.

19 June The 8th Annual Power Symposium. Symposium. Hong Kong.

June 2009 International Power & Electricity Conference. Beijing.

14 July Assessing the greenhouse gas footprint of Welsh Waters fifth asset management plan and Swindon Network AGM. Lecture. Swindon.

16 July Harnessing the Ocean's Energy: New Zealand's Maritime Future. Lecture. Auckland.

21 July Tungkillo Switchyard Projects. Lecture. Adelaide.

21 July Nuclear Power Station in Israel. Lecture. Holan, Israel.

16 September World Resources Forum. Davos, Switzerland. [new window].

22-24 September Grove Fuel Cell Symposium. London. [new window].


13 June Llangollen Railway. Visit.

17-18 June Thatcham Triple Focus 2009. Open days and seminars, Berkshire. [new window].

25 June Air Traffic: Will the Future be a Smooth Ride or a Turbulent Trip? Seminar. Doncaster.

26 June Triumph Motorcycles Visit. Hinkley.

1 July Railway Safety Assurance. Lecture. London.

8-11 September Defence Systems & Equipment International. Exhibition. London. [new window].

21-25 September ITS World Congress. Stockholm, Sweden. [new window].

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