e2v wins gold for its Bright Green environmental credentials

e2vhas won a gold rating in the Business in the Community (BITC) Environmental Index and a reduction in its carbon footprint of 6 per cent.

Environmental management has been an important part of e2v’s normal business for many years, with its first environmental targets traceable back to the 1970s. International focus on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, which affect the company, their local and wider communities, employees and their families, prompted the company to see how its approach to environmental management compared to other organisations. As part of their corporate responsibility initiatives, e2v began working with BITC in 2008, with the objective of measuring its environmental systems and impacts against BITC’s Environment Index standard.

In this first full year of analysis, actions taken have already reduced e2v’s carbon footprint by 6 per cent, achieved through the direct efforts of employees and solely by improving systems, without any carbon offsetting.

Central to the success was an employee awareness programme called ‘Bright Green’. Employees are encouraged to get involved in reducing their environmental impact, both at work, through meeting monthly carbon footprint targets and at home by sharing ideas with family and friends. All employees are given a personal carbon footprint calculator to work out their home footprint, encouraging a holistic approach to environmental awareness.

Ian Shrives, e2v’s Health Safety and Environmental Manager led a global coordinating team. He commented: “This is an amazing result and a real testament to the work that everyone across our global locations has put in to reducing our environmental impact over many years.”

Amita Vaux of BITC said “I am not aware of another organisation that has made such a substantial jump in their performance. I give credit to e2v for the methodology that they have used, which we will commend to other organisations.”

Business in the Community mobilises business for good. They are one of The Prince's Charities, and set out to inspire, engage, support and challenge member companies to improve their positive impact on society. 

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