DVR Set top boxes contract 20 percent

The number of DVR equipped, pay-TV set-top boxes shipped during the first quarter this year has dropped by around 20 percent according to a new market report.

“First, the economy is reducing the demand for premium services such as DVR functionality,” said Greg Collins, Vice President at Dell’Oro Group who are the publishers of the report.

“Growth in the set-top box market is coming from Europe and developing regions where DVR functionality is still new and not yet embraced by consumers.”

However, Collins believes that multi-room DVRs will drive the market in the future by providing end users with greater functionality and ease of use by eliminating the need to manage content on multiple set-top boxes.

“Since the hard drive is often the most expensive and most failure prone component of a set top box, multi-room DVRs also offer service providers lower capital and support costs,” he added.

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