Baker puts carbon footprint on its loaves

Making bread generates 150 per cent of each loaf's weight in CO2, according to Kingsmill which is to become the first UK bread manufacturer to label products with their carbon footprint.

The baker worked with the Carbon Trust to work out how much CO2 is emitted in making a loaf. The amount turned out to be between 1.2kg and 1.3kg of CO2 per 800g loaf, around 45 per cent of which is generated at the raw materials stage.

Kingsmill, which is part of Allied Bakeries, said it would put the Carbon Trust's Carbon Reduction Labels on its Great Everyday, Tasty Wholemeal and 50/50 loaves from the end of June. It added that it is "wholly committed to reducing its carbon footprint," for example via more energy-efficient bakeries and low emission vehicles.

The company said its CO2 footprint was calculated in accordance with the BSI-developed PAS 2050:2008 specification for assessing the Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Goods and Services, and was verified by the Carbon Label Company to provide a Carbon Label Company carbon label for the assessed products.

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