Electronic music giants Depeche Mode release new album on iPhone

UK electronic music pioneers Depeche Mode have released their latest album, Sounds of the Universe, as an application for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch.

In collaboration with with iZotope Inc. and their record label Mute Records, the Basildon band has produced a music application called "iDrum: Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe" for Apple's mobile devices.

Based on iZotope's interactive iDrum apps, which let iPhone and iPod Touch users create music by tapping the touch screen and rearranging simple shapes and color combinations, the Depeche Mode edition of iDrum includes content from the band's new album.

The band had previously experimented with iDrum in the studio while recording the album. Fans can now take control of rhythmic patterns, drum hits, effects and instrument sounds from the album to create instant remixes or new original music on their handsets. The album's producer, Ben Hillier, also produced the content for this iDrum Edition, which includes key rhythmic elements, effects and instrument samples from Sounds of the Universe.

"Since the original iDrum app was released, it's the music application I've been using most on my iPod touch," said Daniel Miller, chairman and founder of Mute Records. "When the idea came up for Depeche Mode to do their own version of iDrum I thought it was very exciting and I'm glad it's come to fruition. The app includes really great sounds and it gives fans and electronic musicians the opportunity to enjoy the album in a completely new way."

"iDrum: Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe" is available for $4.99 on the Apple App Store and includes ten customisable kits with sounds from songs on the album. Album sounds can be further manipulated by tapping the touch screen to play and record musical patterns; taking control of the rhythm of every drum sound and sample; remixing rhythmic patterns from the album or starting from scratch to make new musical creations; bringing sounds in and out of the mix to change the music and customizing patterns to create new beats.  

"Depeche Mode's innovative music is a perfect fit for iDrum. We're excited to give fans a fun, unique way to creatively interact with Sounds of the Universe, whether they have musical experience or not," said Nick Dika, content manager at iZotope.

Aside from the entertainment value, creating bespoke iDrum versions to coincide with album releases opens up intriguing new avenues for promotional purposes and alternate revenue streams for labels and artists. 

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