Better search technology saves engineering time claims software developer

Adding better search technology to manufacturing software can save both time and money by enabling global engineering and sourcing departments to better collaborate when choosing parts for a new design, software developer Endeca has claimed.

The company, which announced version 2.0 of its Endeca Manufacturing Suite this week, said that the software includes an updated version 2.0 of its Design for Supply search application plus two new search applications, Spend Analysis and Warranty Analysis, all built on a single platform.

"The suite provides visibility across previously siloed systems for key decision points in the value chain, such as selecting the best parts for a new product design, selecting the lowest risk supplier, and identifying the true source of product failures," Endeca said.

"Each search application in the suite helps engineering, sourcing, quality, and warranty departments to easily interact with large volumes of diverse and changing information, improving millions of daily decisions. The suite makes the entire value chain more flexible and adaptable, raising quality while cutting costs."

The company claimed that Design for Supply differs from the traditional search tools embedded in PLM, SCM, and other enterprise process applications, because it allows point-and-click exploration of fully integrated data from across the supply chain, updating dynamically as preferences and needs change.

It said that Design for Supply 2.0 provides better visibility across previously isolated data, allowing engineers to reuse existing parts more frequently, introduce new parts less often, and align part selection with environmental and internal sourcing rules, moving products through the review process faster and decreasing the risk of expensive remediation later.

The new Manufacturing Suite version is built on the latest release of the Endeca Information Access Platform search technology, the company added. It said this features a redesigned engine that takes advantage of multi-core processors from chipmakers such as Intel to deliver faster performance on greater volumes of data on fewer servers.

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