VMware unveils operating system for 'internal cloud'

VMware has launched what it's claiming is the IT industry’s first operating system for building the ‘internal cloud’, enabling the delivery of ‘IT as a service’. Called VMware Vsphere 4, it aims to enable organisations to achieve cloud computing-like capabilities within their enterprise IT environments. 

VMware Vsphere 4 works by aggregating and managing large pools of infrastructure – processors, storage, and networking – as a unified operating environment, and assigns service-level guarantees to all classes of application. Over time, VMware will support dynamic federation between internal and external clouds, enabling ‘private’ cloud environments that span multiple datacentres and/or cloud providers, the company claims.
“Traditional monolithic operating systems’ days are numbered,” commented Chris Wolf, senior analyst with market-watcher Burton Group, at Vsphere 4’s launch. “Server platforms are now being purposed-built for virtualised workloads, and many of the roles associated with the traditional OS are transitioning to virtualised internal and external cloud-based infrastructures.”

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