Strategic document outsourcing growing says Gartner

Interest in strategic document outsourcing has grown, according to analyst firm Gartner, as companies look for ways to cut expenses and capital costs during the downturn.

"Strategic document outsourcing offers organisations the opportunity to eliminate print- and mail-related capital expenditures while potentially reducing material and postage expenses," says Pete Basiliere, research director, Gartner. "Outsource providers facilitate the targeted, relevant customer communications that can not only retain and grow the client base but also increase revenue."

Gartner highlights that outsourcing shifts the costs of labour and material to providers, which is advantageous to businesses, but firms may not always realise benefits.

This is because “highly customised solutions'” could in fact increase the costs of production and not deliver money-saving gains to companies.

In addition, organizations with a multinational ‘footprint’ must consider outsourcing their regional and global document publication, whether physical or electronic, to a provider that has the footprint that matches their own to facilitate and maximize brand control and messaging while constraining costs.

"While certain kinds of marketing materials have long been outsourced, business communications have been outsourced only when management felt potential issues of control, confidentiality, tight deadlines and the mission-critical nature of the work would be assured," says Basiliere. 

"Whether the communications are in print or electronic media, or are campaigns combining the two, strategic document outsourcing enables organisations to focus on their core products and services while entrusting customer communications to a specialist service provider."

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