Internet usage rules irk employees most

Internet useage policies, the 'customer is always right' policy, scheduled lunch breaks and dress codes make it to the Top Five rules British workers really hate, according to a survey by recruitment scoring website

The recruitment scoring website studied 1,017 UK employees, and found that 34 per cent hate their employers’ ‘no Internet’ rule – but surprisingly 30 per cent admit they "know why this rule is in place", and 23 per cent confess that their productivity levels "would probably decrease" if they could use the Internet at work in a totally unrestricted way.

The idea of the customer always being right annoys one in six British workers, all of which maintain that being polite to rude people is not a rule they should have to follow. Other rules the respondents hate to follow included scheduled toilet breaks and their employers’ call-answering procedure.

In comparison, 12 per cent of Brits hate having no or very few rules at work, making 3 per cent feel as though they are surrounded by chaos, and 9 per cent frustrated when they are working hard and others ‘are running riot’.

The top results breakdown as:

  1. Internet policy – 34 per cent.
  2. Dress Code – 19 per cent.
  3. Customer is always right’ rule – 16 per cent.
  4. Scheduled lunch breaks – 15 per cent.
  5. No rules – everyone runs wild – 12 per cent.

“Explaining that the dress code is about customer perception rather than just being picky might make it feel less onerous,” comments managing director Lisette Howlett. “The key to a satisfied and motivated workforce is finding a happy medium.”

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