EU project produces multicore debug API

ARM, Infineon Technologies, Lauterbach, NXP Semiconductors, STMicroelectronics and TIMA Laboratory have created a common applications programming interface (API) for multicore debug.

The MCD API was designed to provide debug tools with a unified debug interface to both real hardware and software simulations. This allows engineers to start the application development early in the SoC platform design flow without having to switch to other debug tools during the transition from virtual prototypes to real hardware. Furthermore, the MCD API addresses multi-core debugging which is inevitable due to the complexity of today’s SoC designs. Experiments within the European SPRINT project have proven the feasibility and applicability of the interface.

"The MCD API allows our customers to use a seamless flow with the same software tools for simulation and silicon. In addition it enables Infineon to have a standard tool interface for cost effective microcontroller evaluation kits." said Albrecht Mayer, senior principal emulation systems and tooling from Infineon Technologies, who led the debug and analysis working group of the SPRINT project.

Stephan Lauterbach, general manager of Lauterbach, said: "The lack of a feature rich standard API between debuggers and targets was a big problem for the use of virtual platforms in the industry till now. The MCD API is the standard that solves this problem. It will help us to provide advanced debug and trace features also for virtual targets."

“The MCD API is a good example of companies working together to solve a common problem”, noted Bart Vermeulen, senior scientist at NXP Semiconductors. “The adoption of the MCD API will lead to a reduction in tool configuration effort for the validation and debug of embedded systems, thereby saving development costs and improving time-to-market."

Serge De Paoli, responsible for product development services and subsystems at STMicroelectronics: “Unifying interfaces between development tools and targets aids software reuse and simplifies the validation process of the interface.”

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