Confidence levels low for women in IT

Less than 20 per cent of females in IT feel they have very high self-confidence, according to a recent survey by online career portal and networking site

The survey, which questioned 300 female technology professionals, also showed that less than 4% rated their confidence level as nine or ten out of ten.

A common reason for the lack of confidence was redundancy. When asked when they feel the least confident, a large proportion of the women questioned mentioned dealing with management. “I feel the least confident whenever I have to introduce myself to senior management,” says one respondent. “I feel a bit intimidated in explaining certain tasks that I need them to complete”.

Another issue was the struggle to respond quickly when “put on the spot”.

A few of the respondents also stated that working with a large number of men often causes their confidence levels to dip. “Most meetings are dominated by men and I just like to sit quietly and let them get on with it. I often regret it afterwards and wish I had said something” one respondent says.

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