Siemens touts fast track to manufacturing competitiveness

Off-the-shelf packages could halve the cost of implementing a manufacturing execution system (MES) solution, Siemens Industrial Automation has claimed.

The company made the claim as it released a set of MES packages based on its well-known Simatic IT discrete manufacturing solution library, including versions for Product Assembly, OEE Manufacturing, Defect Management and ERP to Shopfloor.

The boxed packages allow manufacturers to pick and choose which MES solution best suits their particular circumstances and needs, said Siemens' Oliver Qi.

He added: "Off-the-shelf MES solutions can offer access to a real fast-track solution for hard-pressed manufacturers who are looking for a competitive edge. They enable a company to reap the benefits of MES without incurring significant costs, and they can be speedily installed also."

Siemens argued that the packages would be ideal for discrete manufacturers of mechanical equipment such as compressors, pumps, burners and gears, and could also offer real benefits to companies in the automotive and aerospace manufacturing industries.

The company said that the packages could help businesses to quickly introduce product tracking and tracing through the manufacturing process, for example, or enable them to take control of shopfloor work order management in approximately half of the time usually needed for this type of solution.

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