Powered ethernet via telephone wires

At this year's CeBIT trade show, German developer Mobotix showed devices capable of extending a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) network over analogue telephone wire, instead of the usual network cabling.

Mobotix said it is using the PoE extenders, called Mx2wire, in its IP-based video-equipped door intercoms, because it enables them to run over standard two-wire bell cabling. It said Mx2wire could also be used to connect in devices such as IP surveillance cameras and other building services equipment.

Used in pairs, the Mx2wire nodes need to be fed Ethernet and power via a cable from an existing PoE network. They can then supply up to 8W of power and up to 40Mbit/s of data at 100m range.

The data rate falls with distance, but Mobotix said it can still deliver 15Mbit/s at a range of 500m, which is the maximum possible over two-wire cable.

Mx2wire can be installed in a standard socket frame or as a surface-mounted socket. Each link requires two of the German-manufactured devices, which automatically configure themselves as sender and receiver.

Sets of two Mx2wire nodes will cost €398 and will be available from May, the company added.

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