Obama 'leadership' on climate change hailed

A new era of global co-operation on tackling climate change is possible under US President Barack Obama, MPs have been told.

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband, who has just returned from Washington, said there was an "important shared agenda" with the Obama administration.

In a swipe at former President George Bush he told the Commons "we can now genuinely say there is US leadership on climate change".

Miliband said there would be co-operation on reaching a global climate change dealt with "maximum ambition" at a UN summit in Copenhagen in December.

Speaking at Question Time, Miliband said: "This morning I returned from talks in the United States with representatives of the new administration as well as members of the House and Senate.

"It is clear from my discussions that there is an important shared agenda with the new administration for a greening of the economy, for a global deal on climate change in December and the maximum ambition in that agreement based on the scientific evidence on climate change.

"I look forward to working with President Obama's team in the period ahead.

"And I believe that all members of this House will welcome the fact that we can now genuinely say there is US leadership on climate change."

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