Local save habit jeopardising data security

Employees are failing to comply with enterprise data storage policies, leaving organisations vulnerable to data loss, with 61 per cent of respondents ignoring IT guidelines, and ‘usually’ saving to a local drive instead of a company network, a survey claims.

According to research conducted by Kroll Ontrack, 44 per cent of respondents also admitted that the preferred storage location was not backed-up. The data storage and recovery specialist surveyed 100 business professionals via an online questionnaire; organisations varied by industry and size, with the largest percentage of respondents (45 per cent) from medium-sized organisations with 1,000 to 10,000 employees.

Saving critical data to a local hard drive on a desktop or laptop often contradicts data storage policies, which usually require employees to save to a secure network folder, says Krol Ontrack’s MD Phil Bridge: “With the majority of employees saving to unprotected, local drives, companies could be at risk of losing anything from project plans and spreadsheets to customer data and financial information.”

Bridge adds: “This survey reveals that data storage polices do not necessarily safeguard a vast amount of critical company data. This fact, coupled with the large number of information-oriented regulations that have been enacted, reinforces that companies need to be prepared to respond to data loss at the employee level.”

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