Hampshire police in control

Hampshire Constabulary is trialling a new fleet location management system to keep track of its vehicles, and enable control room operators to better support the 3,800 police officers and 500 special constables responsible for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

The installation at the heart of the Hampshire control room will allow operators to assign the most appropriate resource to an incident to improve efficiency and reduce officer response times. The system will ensure optimum use of police resources, preventing over-deployment of vehicles and officers at incident, which in turn should lead to an increase in visibility of officers in the community.

The Co-Ordinator 7 system from APD Communications will also provide the Hampshire Constabulary management team with comprehensive reporting such as details of where officers have been, vehicle speed, direction of travel and blue light usage. Control room staff can access a range of information from officers on the move via 800 INCA in-vehicle data communications units deployed within the force’s vehicle fleet.

Hampshire Constabulary currently relies on APD’s Co-Ordinator 6 to manage its officers. Once fully deployed, the new version will provide control room staff with a superior map client that allows multiple maps to be loaded simultaneously, helping staff to respond more quickly to incidents. Geo-fences may be used in-vehicle to ensure that officers stay within approved geographical areas, allowing short term targeted monitoring. Vehicle journeys can also be replayed at any time to assist with post-incident analysis.

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