Government-backed Open Source project launched

Schools Minister Jim Knight has officially launched the first nationwide Open Source project, the National Digital Resource Bank (NDRB), a platform for UK schools that have invested in technologies for putting lessons, coursework, and homework online, but do not have the digital content to fill them.

From day one, £30m worth of Creative Commons licensed publicly-funded content will be available through the NDRB, which will grow rapidly as further content is contributed (Creative Commons is a non-profit organisation devoted to expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to share.) The NDRB is based upon Agrega, a content repository technology funded by the Spanish government and released under the EUPL, the 'European Union Public Licence'.

The NDRB is an example of best practice in inter-governmental collaboration, and it shows how the European public sector can benefit from the Open Source development and cost-sharing model, Jim Knight, who is also Labour MP for South Sorset, commented.

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