If you plan to keep moving to stave off the cold, here are some mobile goodies to keep you company.

1 XDA Zest on O2

If there is one thing that mobile phone manufacturer HTC excels at, it is touch screen technology. The company has been touting this type of user interface longer than Apple.

The 'TouchFLO' interface performs well, has good battery life and an excellent online experience. However, there is no substantial internal storage and the charging port doubles as a headphone socket, which means you're stuck with the supplied headphones.

Having said that, the Zest 3G is a solid performer that will make a great handset for anyone who doesn't require a physical keypad.

Price dependent on contract [new window]

2 HP Compaq 6730b

Getting a netbook as part of a mobile broadband contract is the latest ruse to get us to move to 3G. But we particularly like Orange's Business Everywhere mobile broadband plan, which includes HP Compaq's 6730b with integrated 3G/HSDPA and a proper Intel Core 2 Duo processor and optical drive.

It is a good value combo for any business user - or consumer, for that matter - who needs to stay connected wherever they are. As with most bundles, though, it's not for everyone, and you'll need to think carefully about whether this combination is right for you.

Free on Orange with a £45 per month contract [new window]

3 Blackberry 8900

Research In Motion has always been a little sceptical of the merits of 3G. Therefore, its latest offering lacks this feature - but makes up for it with a long battery life and an attractive, slim design. It looks and feels like a quality product, and fits comfortably in the pocket.

A full Qwerty keypad and sharp screen mean emails and instant messaging are a joy to deal with, but the lack of 3G may occasionally infuriate and, therefore, makes the 8900 a little less desirable.

Free on T-Mobile and Carphone Warehouse on a monthly contract [new window] [new window]

4 Emtec Movie Cube-r

Although plain looking, the Movie Cube-R entertainment box from Emtec is a robust solution for all your mobile multimedia applications.This device reads and even records files in MPEG4 format. Thanks to its AV connection, the Movie Cube-R can easily replace your video player, and it can save all your audio and video data on its hard drive.

The Movie Cube-R is also equipped with an SD/MMC memory card reader and a USB port for added versatility. It is available with or without a built-in hard drive - enabling you to fit your own if you so wish.

£103 (without hard drive) [new window]

5 Logitech Comfort Lapdesk

The problem with laptops, ironically, is that they are not very comfortable when placed on one's lap. But the Logitech Comfort Lapdesk solves this with a heat-shielding design to protect your legs from the heat.

When used in a seated position, the angled riser positions your laptop to help improve neck and leg comfort. The soft, air-mesh fabric adds an extra level of comfort.

The Lapdesk also has a tilt that elevates the display to a comfortable viewing height. Additionally, its thin profile provides a compact solution that looks good in any room of your home.

£21.84 [new window]

6 Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Speakerphone

This is a great solution if you want hassle-free hands-free installation in your vehicle.

Connection and pairing was straightforward with a good battery life between charges. The sound quality is indistinguishable from just using the phone. Caller and reception quality was clear. Road noise was swept away and callers were amazed at the clarity - especially on a dirt road.

Jabra says the SP700 has echo cancellation and noise reduction, all aimed at making your conversation as natural as possible.

£ 42.55 [new window]

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