Dover harbour gives berth to ICTTech trio

Three IT professionals from the UK’s Dover Harbour Board will be among the first in the world to receive the new ICTTech professional qualification, awarded by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Ben Johnston, Mark Burton, and Mike Demetriou, are all employed as systems engineers on the harbour board’s ICT systems. Established in 1606, Dover Harbour Board is responsible for the administration, maintenance, and improvement of the harbour at Dover. It operates at the heart of the UK's and Continental Europe's cross-Channel transport network, managing and piloting what has become one of today's busiest drive-on, drive-off terminals in the world.

“It’s a real achievement for Mark, Mike and Ben that they are among the first seven people in the world to achieve this brand new professional qualification,” says Roy Warden, the IET’s regional development manager for the Dover area.

“Having been a member of the IET for two years, I am very pleased that there is a new registration that recognises ICT professionals,” comments Dover Harbour Board senior systems engineer Mark Burton. “To be one of the first to participate in the ICTTech registration process has been very valuable. ICTTech registration will be very important in my future career development.”

Colleague Mike Demetriou, a systems engineer, echoes Burton’s views: “The ICTTech registration will be a benefit for ICT workers and employers alike. Increasingly, IT careers require a broad range of skills, and this move will really help identify staff with those skills in a way which vendor certification alone cannot.”

ICTTech was launched in January 2009 in response to industry demands for a competence-based professional qualification for IT and communications technicians. Successful ICTTech registration provides individuals with professional recognition on completion of an assessment of a broader range of skills. These recognise product-specific certification and relevant experience, and also assess interpersonal and professional skills that are important to any organisation.

“I am happy that the guys have qualified for IET accreditation,” says Daniel Gillett, head of ICT services at Dover. “An independent ICT accreditation scheme is long overdue. I look forward to supporting other members of my team as they work towards attaining IET accreditation and anticipate the delivery of additional accreditation levels, up to Chartered status, being made available.”

Image: Mark Burton, Ben Johnston, Mike Demetriou, and Daniel Gillett of Dover Harbour Board, with IET regional development manager Roy Warden.

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