�6 competition to find IS security threat solutions

The Technology Strategy Board has invited individuals and organisations to form consortia, and bid for £6m of new research investment earmarked for projects that address the issue of security vulnerabilities of the complex information systems.

The funding competition, ‘Information Infrastructure Protection: Managing Complexity, Risk and Resilience’, is being supported by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

It will deliver the only publicly-funded UK research into this global concern, and is open to individuals and organisations from any industry or academic sector whose expertise can be applied to help address this challenge, says Andrew Tyrer, innovation platform leader, network security, at the Technology Strategy Board: “The competition is designed to encourage different organisations of different disciplines, types, and sizes to collaborate. Each submission must demonstrate how the participants intend to share expertise to deliver greater results than they could working alone.”

Tyrer adds: “The competition also aims to encourage SMEs and individuals to participate by providing a series of information days that will help less-experienced parties find out more about the submission process; a social networking service to help interested parties form consortia or find existing ones in need of specific experience; and a fast-track route for submissions valued at under £150,000.”

The competition opens on the 16th March 2009, and expressions of interest must be submitted by 23rd April. The deadline for full submissions is 25th June. Two workshops will be help in March for anyone seeking submission partners or more information about the competition itself.

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