Women in IT 'positive about careers'

Most female technologists believe that being a woman in the IT sector is a positive experience, citing the pace of change, opportunity, and working with cutting-edge technology cited as the top three things about their careers, according to a survey.

When asked by a survey from career development and networking portal, womenintechnology.co.uk what the best things were about being a woman in the IT sector, 55 per cent answered ‘continual change’, and 49 per cent stated that they also ‘valued the opportunities available’.

Other likes included ‘being at the forefront of new development’, ‘making a difference that affects many people’, and ‘influencing technology-focussed individuals who may not consider the softer - or more creative - side of the [IT] process’. There were also quirky responses to the question – such as the fact that women liked ‘empty ladies’ toilets at technical conferences’.

There were also, however, signs that a ‘glass ceiling’ is still in place in the IT industry, with 58 per cent of respondents saying that ‘being a woman makes it harder to succeed in an IT career’, and 55 per cent believing that they ‘did not earn as much as their male colleagues in similar roles’.

“This research interesting feedback and statistics, and highlighted important issues that women in IT face throughout their careers,” says Womenintechnology.com director Maggie Berry.

The research was based on responses from 167 women working in all levels of technology.

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