Videoconferencing gets added dimension

A three-dimensional holographical conferencing system has been demonstrated by network service provider Masergy, and video projection specialist Musion.

The HDTV image capture technology operates at a frame rate of 50fps interlaced, and was transmitted over a 10Mbps connection to a 8m square Eyeliner foil through HDTV projection systems; these can be driven by HD Mpeg2 digital hard disc players, uncompressed HD Cam decks, or HD Digital video servers. The foil is a blemish-free surface that reproduces a two-dimensional image which the viewer is optically ‘fooled’ into seeing as a 3D image.

Although the system has only been demonstrated transmitting a single figure to a physical location, it will, claims Masergy senior VP of business development, John Dumbleton, soon be able to deliver a two-way interaction between multiple holographic projections: “Users will be able to see, view and interact with remote audiences. Holographical conferencing could be used in contexts as diverse as political rallies, where a party leader could address groups of supporters based at multiple auditoria, to the performing arts, where musicians or actors could rehearse remotely without having to come together prior to a concert or movie shoot.”

However, in the real world, with Masergy’s fixed-line connection installation fees costing around £12,500, with a monthly fee of around £8,300, plus additional costs of Eyeliner starting at £60,000, embracing the cutting edge of videoconferencing is still at a premium.

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