Techies reveal career move plans

Around 10 per cent of techies are planning job changes to change over the rest of this year, claims research by recruitment consultancy the IT Job Board.

Some 50 per cent of those surveyed stated that this was down to finding better career opportunities; 45 per cent wanted to look for a new job in order to earn more money.

Nearly two thirds of techies plan to further develop their technical skills through a new job, and more than half believed that a career change would help to improve their work/life balance.

Almost 50 per cent of respondents believed that the current economic downturn would have ‘some negative impact’ on the IT sector, but that it would not be as affected as other industries.

Of the 11 per cent of respondents who did not plan to look for a new job in 2009, 46 per cent revealed that this was because they were ‘happy with their current job’, and 36 per cent cited that the ‘volatile economic climate would prevent them from doing so’.

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