Power and cooling of new IT top data centre concerns

The latest 'Western Europe: Datacenter Investment & Infrastructure Trends 2007-9' report has revealed even higher levels of concern about power consumption and the cooling of higher density configurations.

The survey questioned 792 data centre owners and operators in London, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. A new focus on ongoing operational costs and total cost of ownership reveals that, while there is no compelling evidence of drastic budget reduction into 2009, the emphasis of investment and its geography will shift, the reports avers.

While rates of projected budget growth remain steady they may disappoint those expecting the continuation of recent strong growth in the data centre sector. Growth rates in five key Western European markets is around €200m per annum and total investment is projected to reach over €5bn in 2009.

Trends show investment moving away from the United Kingdom into other European markets, and away from the ‘traditional’ IT/telecommunications/finance sectors, into a more diversified data centre economy involving new build, refit of existing facilities, and relocation.

In the drive to satisfy the key requirements of availability, growth, cost reduction, and efficiency, and as any margin for error become unacceptable, the report suggests that owners and operators are now becoming 'more selective' in the strategies and solutions they consider and adopt.

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