Home workers keep the business fires burning

The recent heavy snowfalls that blanketed much of the UK had little effect on the productivity of home workers and their value in keeping businesses open and fully operational, according to Remote Employment, a web service specialising in flexible, remote and home working jobs.

While the extreme weather conditions caused airport closures and the cancellation of bus and trains services nationwide, and with thousands of businesses forced to send staff home early, those companies employing remote workers enjoyed minimal disruption to the normal working day.

At least three million UK employees who are home based or work flexibly were able to throw a few snowballs with their children before retiring to their home offices and getting down to business as usual.

Given the recent adverse weather conditions, Remote Employment said that now might be a good time for more companies to try smarter employment solutions by giving employees the opportunity to work flexible hours, work remotely or work from home.

Remote working has obvious environmental benefits, given the reduction in travel requirements, as well as offering greater business productivity, enabling companies to be more competitive and providing an improved quality of work for employees.

Responding to the news of the disruptions to UK business, with many companies working either on 'skeleton staff' basis or not at all, director of Remote Employment, Paula Wynne, reported that many of their clients were relieved to have their employees working remotely or working from home.

She said: "Companies up and down the country are benefiting from this flexible way of working. While people are being advised not to travel, their staff still able to keep business wheels in motion from the sanctuary of their own home. We would like to encourage companies to try out working from home or implement some form of flexible and remote working."

Call centres, service agencies, and forward-thinking organisations across the UK have improved productivity by giving staff work from home options or by outsourcing their company services and projects to freelancers and remote workers. Such businesses have been comparatively unaffected by the weather chaos.

Further, Remote Employment suggests that employers are considering remote working and working from home as viable and attractive aspects of their recruitment campaigns.

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