Cluley advises lovelorn: 'Spurn dodgy email Valentines'

With hackers, spammers, and virus writers disguising attacks as Valentine e-cards, computer users are being warned by Sophos's senior technology consultant not to get carried away trying to find out who their secret admirer is.

Sophos notes that while systems administrators are clearly well aware of the risks, it's essential that all employees are educated about the dangers and taught how to avoid falling victim. 

Cybercriminals are well known for using social engineering tactics to trick unwary users into inadvertently downloading malicious code, says Sophos senior technology consultant Graham Cluley: “One of the hackers' favourite tricks is to disguise their attack as an e-card from an anonymous admirer, and as Valentine's Day approaches on Saturday we can expect the fraudsters to redouble their efforts.”

Cluley adds: “Systems administrators are sick to the back teeth of lovelorn workers allowing cyber criminals to breeze into enterprise networks.” He “wouldn't be a surprise if some want to pour cold water over the festivities and block all electronic Valentines”.

As if to ram home the point, the Sophos team have posted a ‘spoof sexist public information film’ about the Valentine e-card threat which can be viewed at (NB: The IET and IET Services accept no responsibility of content hosted on external websites.)

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