Team builds module for low-cost Internet radio

Internet radio for $149

Frontier Silicon and its partners aim to bring Internet radio to the mass market using a combination of hardware, software and content from premium music services such as Pandora,, Sirius and Rhapsody.

“As consumers become increasingly familiar with Internet radio and get hooked on the newer streaming music services, it’s imperative to provide end products at affordable, mass market price points under $149.99,” said Anthony Sethill, CEO of Frontier Silicon. “This is what Frontier is hoping to achieve with our Venice 6.2 receiver module, working with the consumer electronics brands and their manufacturing partners to easily integrate and support these services on their products and enjoy the coming growth in networked audio functionality.”

Tim Westergren, founder and chief strategy officer of Pandora, an Internet radio service with more than 20 million registered listeners, welcomed Frontier’s initiative: “The rapid growth of affordable, connected audio appliances is transforming the world of home audio. Frontier’s platform represents a great catalyst to bring free, personalised Internet radio into the home.”

Sethill added: “We make it simple for the CE brands to pick and choose the services they require for their particular target markets. By supporting these premium services, Frontier assures coverage of a 60 to 70 million user base.”

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