Slovakia awards road toll contracts

Siemens is to supply equipment for a GPS-based road toll system that is being introduced for heavy vehicles in Slovakia.

Earlier this month the Slovakian highways authority NDS (Národná dial´nicná spolocnost´ a.s.) signed a contract with SkyToll, a consortium of the companies Sanef and Ibertax, to provide and operate the system, following the dismissal of legal challenges by three unsuccessful contenders who put in lower bids.

SkyToll has placed an order with Siemens, valued at up to €81m, for on-board units to be installed in the vehicles and for the electronic detection system.

The toll system will apply to trucks and buses weighing 3.5 tonnes or more on a road network with a total length of 2,400km.

Many existing electronic toll systems rely on short-range microwave links between roadside beacons and the vehicle on-board units. Under the Slovak system, the on-board unit will use satellite positioning to determine its location and pass this information via GSM mobile radio to the control centre for further processing. This technology is especially suitable when a toll is to be imposed on an extensive road network.

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