LG to ship James Bond style wrist watch phone

LG touched off a minor sensation at CES with a demonstration of its touch-screen GD910, which it called the world's smallest 3G-enabled watch phone. The James Bond-like gadget came with a feature that allows video telephony.

At a press conference on Wednesday, LG chief technology and president Dr Woo Paik showed a working demo of the device. It's a slim watch with a touchscreen panel and 3G and Bluetooth capabilities. It also has a camera that can take stills and small video images.

As soon as a call comes in, the screen image changes. Just raise your hand a little closer to your mouth, press a button and you can talk into the watch through the speakerphone capability.

The watch-phone is expected to go on sale in the latter part of 2009 but the company did not disclose pricing.

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