Back-to-workers face email inbox overload

UK employees face a ‘Spamalanche’ of emails and unwanted messages in their inbox when they return to work after the Christmas/New Year break.

According to the research conducted by workplace communications consultancy Expert Messaging, the average inbox will contain 450 emails, with heavy users having up to 3,000 messages waiting for them.

The situation is further complicated by the fact the 70 per cent of these messages will be spam or junk email.
Conducted over an 18 month period, the reseach monitored 3650 people from 150 UK-based organisations. Its key findings suggests that:

  • Light email users will see 185 messages in their inbox.
  • Average email users will see 450 messages in their inbox.
  • Heavy email users will see 3,000 messages in their inbox.

“Many people will be tempted to adopt the ‘delete all’ strategy when they return to the office, but it’s a hi-risk approach. There is no doubt it brings a cathartic pleasure, but then remember you are back to work and you may be deleting some important or critical information,” said Expert Messaging founder Bob Hallewell.

Hallewell adds: “Very few of us have ever been given any formal training on how to use email effectively. This is highlighted at times such as Christmas when we return to a full inbox, we spend too long pondering and not being decisive about how to deal with the messages we have.”

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