'Application security' tops Google IT security searches

‘Application security’ tops a global list of most commonly-searched-for IT security terms according to an analysis of current Google search trends and volume statistics by risk management firm ArmstrongAdams. Data loss and PCI DSS ranked highest in terms of UK originated searches in December 2008.

Interest in the term ‘security metrics’ rose 50 per cent globally in December compared to the 12 month rolling average, while in the UK ‘end point control’ and ‘managed security services’ rose 89 per cent and 85p per cent respectively. Search volumes for ‘data obfuscation’ declined globally 19 per cent in December 2008, while the UK saw a small rise of 7 per cent.

ArmstrongAdams research found that the term ‘application security’ was searched for approximately 110,000 times worldwide during December 2008, with ‘data loss’, ‘database security’, and ‘PCI compliance’ ranking second and joint third respectively. In the UK, ‘data loss’ ranked first, with ‘PCI DSS’ (payment card industry data security standard) in second, ‘application security’ third and ‘database security’ fourth.

‘Data loss’, ‘PCI DSS’, and ‘laptop encryption’ were also the UK search terms that garnered the greatest percentage of the total volume of global searches (approximately 24 per cent in each case). In addition, data loss and PCI DSS saw volumes rise 50 per cent in December 2008 compared to the previous 12 month rolling average, indicating that there is a greater interest in these terms domestically as opposed to other parts of the world. ‘Information risk management’ was another area where UK interest seemed to be higher.

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