Perl weds Git in Open Source marriage

Open source programming tool Perl 5 has adopted the Linus Torvalds created Git revision control repository to speed-up application construction.

The Git version control system was chosen because of its ability to handle distributed and offline development work on large software projects with less programmer revision administration overhead, the Perl Foundation says. The Perl Foundation is a community of volunteer programmers dedicated to advancing the Perl language in ‘true’ Open Source tradition.

But a report published earlier this month suggests that Open Source software’s increasing popularity among businesses is being lead by the efforts of commercial software giants such as Microsoft, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and SAP, all of which have been compelled to introduce Open Source components into their own applications in order to compete.

“The reality today is that most Open Source software comes from carefully-structured and well-managed development communities made-up primarily of software vendors,” stated the report - ‘Power, Speed and Assimilation: Open Source Changes the Industry, and the Industry Changes Open Source’ - compiled by market research and consultancy firm, Saugatuck Technology.

Developers can download the Perl 5 Git repository from

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