OMG clears military architecture spec's first stage

A proposed standard for military software architectural frameworks has cleared its first hurdle in the Object Management Group’s fast-track standardisation process.

The Unified Profile for DoDAF/MODAF (UPDM) 1.0 draft specification has achieved a positive vote at the OMG.
“Both the DoDAF and MODAF architectural frameworks are hugely important in defence procurement and UPDM will become the standard means for describing them in model based design tools,” said Matthew Hause, chief consulting engineer at Artisan Software Tools and co-chair of the UPDM Group. “The creation of a standard UML/SysML Profile for them will generate enormous benefits for developers of military systems in terms of consistency, quality, tool interoperability and cost savings.”
The UPDM 1.0 draft specification defines an industry standard UML/SysML representation for DoDAF 1.5 and MODAF 1.2 compliant enterprise architectures. It was submitted on schedule to the OMG at the end of September 2008. The content definition and preparation of the UPDM 1.0 draft specification has been led by Artisan and No-Magic as co-chairs of the UPDM Group. The draft specification is now closed for comment from OMG members and the public. These comments will be reviewed at the next OMG meeting in December 2008 and the draft specification voted on for approval.  If approved, the specification would then enter the finalisation phase with the goal of finalizing the standard in June 2009.

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