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Special events

8 January Appleton Lecture and Dinner. London.

22 January Viscount Nuffield Lecture and Dinner. Warwick.

27 January Turing Lecture and Dinner. London.

29 January Turing Lecture and Dinner. Cardiff.

3 February Turing Lecture and Dinner. Manchester.

5 February IET Annual Dinner. London.

5 February Great Egg Race. Workshop. Plymouth.

10 February Clerk Maxwell Lecture and Dinner. Manchester.

17 February The Science of Sci-Fi. Lecture. Belfast.


7 January DVB-T2: Specification for Terrestrial Transmission of HDTV. Lecture. Crawley.

13 January RF Antennae. Lecture. Belfast.

21 January Enigma Machine and Friends. Lecture. Inverness.

22 January Transmit Diversity in Wireless Communications. Lecture. Reading.

10 February DRM Digital Radio. Lecture. Lancaster.

Control and automation

5 January Unmanned Military Air System Technology. Lecture. Sir Frank Whittle Lecture. Cranwell.

13 January The Development of Airborne Assault Warfare in Shropshire During WWII. Lecture. Shrewsbury.

22 January Electric Propulsion for UK Warships. Lecture. Portsmouth.

3 February The Many Faces of Biometrics. Lecture. Shrewsbury.

4 February Lightning Protection: History, Philosophy, Current Practice. Lecture. Bromley.

10 February Channel Tunnel Signalling and Control. Lecture. Nottingham.


13 January ESCAN Radar. Lecture. Edinburgh.

28 January Forensic Engineering. Lecture. Portsmouth.

4 February Post-Disaster Reconstruction. Lecture. Lincoln.

10 February Linear Induction Motor Technology: Past Present and Future. Lecture. Loughborough.

16 February Advances in MRI: From Physics to Medical Application. Lecture. Newcastle upon Tyne.


13 January Human Factors in Engineering. Lecture. Scunthorpe.

21 January RFID: Data Security Implications. Lecture. Guildford.

21 January Downloading Media. Lecture. Newdigate.

21 January ID Fraud: They Stole My Life. Lecture. Brighton.

22 January The Internet at 40: Has Life Just Begun? Lecture. Manchester.

28 January Information Quality in e-learning. Lecture. Bradford.

29 January The Cell Processor. Lecture. Newport Harbour IW.

3 February Information Engineering and Its Future. Turing Lecture. Manchester.

4 February The Future of Automatic Identification and Data Capture. Lecture. Halifax.

9 February What Can World Models Tell Us About Peak Oil Supply and Global Warming? Lecture. Manchester.

9 February 3D Computer Rendering. Lecture. Sunderland.

10 February Work, Learn and Play in Virtual Worlds: Walking the Digital Dog. Lecture. Swindon.

12 February The Evolving Internet. Lecture. Neston.

16 February Validation of Computational Electromagnetics. Lecture. Leicester.


7 January The Future of the IET. Lecture. East Horsley.

13 January Dubai: Palm Tree Island. Lecture. Nottingham.

14 January Linn Products. Visit. Eaglesham.

22 January The Big Switch from Analogue to Digital Television. Lecture. Swindon.

2 February Technology in Mining. Visit. Worcester.

11 February Asset Management: Planning for the Unknown. Seminar. London.

12 February Waste Disposal. Lecture. Leyland.


22 January Magnetic Gears: From Formula 1 to Wind Turbines. Lecture. Harrogate.

3 February News International Print Works. Visit. Knowsley.

Personal development

29 January Routes to Professional Registration. Workshop. Crawley.

20 January Present Around The World. Competition. Nottingham.

20 January Professional Registration. Lecture. Belfast.

21 January Goal-Directed Project Management. Lifeskills Workshop. Liverpool.

22 January YM Networking Event. Guildford.

27 January The Perfect CV. Workshop. Northampton.

27 January Routes to Registration. Workshop. Stoke on Trent.

27-29 January 17th Edition Electrical Regulations. Course. London.

28 January Time Management. Lifeskills Workshop. Gloucestershire.

3 February What Has the IET Got to Offer? Lecture. Barnstable.

4 February Younger Members Papers Evening. Lecture. St Asaph.

5 February 17th Edition Workshop Upgrade. Course. London.

11 February Routes to Registration. Workshop. Birmingham.

10-11 February Electrical Basics. Course. London.

12 February Portable Appliance Testing. Course. London.

12 February What Has the IET Got to Offer? Lecture. Plymouth.


14 January Wave Energy. Lecture. Liverpool.

14 January The Severn Barrage and Other Options: Hydro Environmental Studies. Lecture. Exeter.

15 January Electricity Networks for 2020. Lecture. Manchester.

15 January Student Poster Competition. Manchester.

20 January Coastal Marine Power. Lecture. Manchester.

21 January Wind Power. Lecture. Sheffield.

24 January Tidal Energy. Lecture. Pavia.

29 January Recent Developments in HVDC Converter Station Technology. Lecture. Birmingham.

10 February Power in the Economy. Clerk Maxwell Lecture. Manchester.

10 February The Severn Barrage. Lecture. Cardiff.

11 February. Micro CHP. Lecture. Glasgow.

11 February Making Sense of Climate Change. Lecture. Edinburgh.

17 February Gas Market Development. Lecture. Manchester.


5 January Road Network and Traffic Management Technology. Lecture. Evesham.

14 January Caravans: A Technical Experience Spanning 60 Years. Lecture. Leeds.

14 January St Pancras Reconstruction Project. Lecture. Preston.

15 January Reeves Radar and the Birth of Smart Bombing. Lecture. Swansea.

20 January RAF Museum Reserve Collection. Visit. Stafford.

27 January European Rail Traffic Management System. Lecture. Manchester.

3 February The Life and Times of a Mercantile Marine Engineer Who Investigates the Panama Canal. Lecture. Leeds.

4 February Restoring the Wey and Arun Canal. Lecture. East Horsley.

10 February Mars Rover. Lecture. Belfast.

11 February Dimensional Control Management at Jaguar Cars. Lecture. Daresbury.

12 February EMC in Railways. Seminar. London.

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