Analysts predict $224bn revenues from SMS by 2013

SMS messaging revenues are expected to keep growing during the recession.

The report provides some insights into the use of SMS. It says that, despite the initially slow uptake of SMS in the US, on average American users send twice as many messages as Europeans. In China users send an average of more than 100 messages a month, while Filipinos send 755.

Portio says mobile e-mail users worldwide will quadruple from approximately a quarter of a billion users today to more than one billion by the end of 2013.

Portio also predicts exponential growth in mobile instant messaging users, from 111 million now to 867 million by the end of 2013. This will be matched by a five-fold increase in revenues from approximately $2.5bn to approximately $12.4bn in 2013.

The report also says that there is hope yet for multimedia messaging, the poor relation of the mobile data industry. It says that the MMS market will be worth $30bn in 2009, and is growing fast with the introduction of affordable camera-equipped handsets in places such as China.

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