Software industry will be 'transformed by disruptions'

Four emerging ‘disruptions’ will transform the software industry and the way software is used, causing ma major impact on enterprise IT. User-centricity, Web-centricity, service oriented architectures, and cloud computing/SaaS (software-as-a-service) delivery models will reshape how we use IT in the workplace, analyst Gartner predicts.

The first of these, the rise in new technologies and the convergence of existing technologies – means that by 2010 Web ‘mashups’ will be the dominant model for the creation of composite enterprise applications. Mashups are web application that combines data from more than one source into a single integrated tool.

The second disruptor denotes a change in software user and support demographics – changes in how, where, and when we work, as well as new ways for companies to fulfill their needs via the Internet. By 2015, Gartner avers, no company will build or sustain a competitive advantage unless it capitalises on the combined power of individualized behaviours, social dynamics, and collaborative work models.

Revolutionary changes in software, and how it is consumed, constitute the third of Gartner’s disruptions. It says that by 2010, service-oriented architecture – SOA – will be used in part in more than 80 per cent of new, mission-critical applications and business processes. Organisations should over the next 14 months radically re-engineer their processes, governance, and disciplines, Gartner says, to initiate and manage this transition, as well as evaluate and manage external and off-premises delivery of applications.

The last disruptive force is the rise of the software ‘megavendor’, which wield impact and influence over customer spending across a range of markets. Megavendors seek to dominate enterprise architecture, and the terms of integration in multi-vendor portfolios. As the transformation to SOA for packaged applications becomes a minimum requirements for future generations, it is the megavendors that will have the resources, and focused vendors that will have the incentive, Gartner believes.

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