Most Brits OK about biometric testing

UK consumers are the most open in Europe to the use of biometric technologies to verify their identities, with 75 per cent of British residents willing to allow banks, government agencies, and other organisations to take fingerprints in order to verify their identity, compared with France (59 per cent), Germany (62 per cent), or Italy (63 per cent).

When it comes to iris recognition technologies, 74 per cent of those surveyed in the UK are prepared to verify their identity in this fashion, compared to France (45 per cent), Germany (48 per cent), Spain (53 per cent), Italy (43 per cent), and The Netherlands (72 per cent). This reflects heightened concerns in the UK around the issue of identity theft and fraud.

“As reports of instances of ID fraud and ID theft continue to make the headlines, this research shows that UK consumers are understandably becomingly increasingly concerned about the security of their personal information,” says Unisys’s vice president of identity management Neil Fisher. “This research demonstrates that the majority of UK consumers have open minds when it comes to using new technologies to solve these problems.”

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