Interoute adds 60Gbit/s of capacity in 48 hours

60Gbit/s of extra capacity in two days

Interoute, the network operator, had a large global customer that acquired a telecom operator with its own international optical network. After the acquisition, the rising volume of data and IP traffic across the customer’s network began to degrade the quality of service it offered.

Interoute operates an Infinera optical network across the same physical link. The customer asked Interoute to provide 60Gbit/s of bandwidth to help handle the traffic. Interoute staff used Infinera modules to add the capacity to its own network, test the link and connect it to the customer’s network – inside 48 hours.

Infinera claims the modules needed to add the capacity arrived onsite in hours and that it took minutes to bring up the new capacity, test it, and have it start carrying customer traffic.

“Managing to activate 60Gbit/s of bandwidth in less than 48 hours has made us extremely proud and emphasised again the first-rate quality of our network, and especially our Infinera optical network, as well as the total dedication of our people,” said Interoute CEO Gareth Williams.

Jagdeep Singh, Infinera CEO, ascribed the speed with which the capacity to the Interoute network to his company’s “unique digital architecture based on breakthrough large-scale photonic integrated circuits.”

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